About Us!


My name is Kaaryn and I am the creator of Blessing of Blankets!  In a world of get it now and fast pace, I like to slow people down and bring back the intention of a gift. Encouraging people to think through what it is that they might need or what they are seeking. Along with the thought process of what other might need and love.

Blessing of Blankets believe in the intention of a gift, and all the meaning and detail that comes with it.  So whether you are looking for something for yourself, or for a loved one going through a tough time, we are here for YOU!

Home decor is a must, but as a single mom myself I understand the value of function.  Which is why all of my blankets are created to be not only a beautiful accent to your home, but able to be used daily! 

I hope that with every stitch people are reminded that they are made in the uniqueness and likeness of God; for we are all made up in the mystical body of Christ.

Every blanket is hand crafted by me!