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Those that know me know that my Patron Saint / Confirmation Saint is St. Angela Merici.  She is a total boss babe and her will is very strong!  She knew God's call for her and she fulfilled it, even when others could not see.  "Strive to be faithful" is a quote I attempt to live by each day!  I call it my life's theme quote because for some reason this quote creates deep thoughts and motivation in my heart every single day.  

When it came to Blessing of Blankets, I didn't think it was necessary to ask a Saint for their intercession.  Boy was I wrong... I would like to point out that this is not a good method when you are working so hard to achieve something you believe in!  Much like we ask our friends and family to pray for us, we ask the Saints who have walked in our shoes and achieved heaven to do the same.  I'm placing my prayers at the foot of the cross and begging Jesus to answer them. 

With so many Saints out there...how do you choose just one?? Not to mention, how do I know that they are the right Saint to choose?  The tug on my heart got heavier and heavier each time the thought crossed my mind.  However, my stubbornness didn't allow my thoughts to process this and I ignored the discernment of a Patron Saint.  Instead it gave me anxiety to think of trying to find the right Saint.  So typical 'me" fashion I busied my mind with other things.

These are the moments when I envision Jesus chuckling at His naive, silly daughter and bluntly redirects me down the correct path.

I spent an entire day working on the website, and tried to take moments to allow the Holy Spirit to direct my work because, even though I can make beautiful blankets, technology does not come as easy to me.  As I was working on a page, I was thinking through some of my past posts, conversation, and the direction I wanted B*B to go in.

"Jesus, I trust in You." I whispered to myself.  Something I say to myself often when I feel stressed or anxious.  Hoping to remove the anxiety and fill it with the gifts and virtues that I might need to push forward.

As I finished saying those impactful words, a vision of a memory crossed my mind.  Last year, I was going through very intense suffering.  I was forced into a very low point in my life and B*B was an outlet to die unto myself offering up my sufferings for the benefit of another.    

My spiritual director gave me a passage from St. Faustina's diary because it reminded him of what I was describing when I would talk about this little business I started.  Quickly, I found the post I had made a little over a year ago, on a very painful day.

And the passage went:

This morning after completing my spiritual exercises, I began at once to crochet.  I sensed a stillness in my heart; I sensed that Jesus was resting in it.

That deep and sweet consciousness of God's presence prompted me to say to the Lord, "O Most Holy Trinity dwelling in my heart, I beg You: grant the grace of conversion to as many souls as the (number of) stitches that I will make today with this crochet hook."

Then I heard these words in my soul: My daughter, too great are your demands.  "Jesus, You know that for You it is easier to grant much rather than a little."  That is so, it is less difficult for Me to grant a soul much rather than a little, but every conversion of a sinful soul demands sacrifice.

"Well, Jesus, I offer You this whole-hearted work of mine; this offering does not seem to me to be too small for such a large number of souls; You know, Jesus, that for thirty years You were saving souls by just this kind of work.  And since holy obedience forbids me to perform great penances and mortifications, therefore I ask You, Lord: accept these mere nothings stamped with the seal of obedience as great things."

Then I heard a voice in my soul: My daughter, I comply with your request.

Oh how much peace this passage from St. Faustina's diary brought to my heart the moment I pulled it up and re-read it.  There is so much extra that I put into EVERY SINGLE blanket that I make.  With each blanket I desire for healing, compassion, generosity, peace, safety and fruitfulness while also allowing homes to be filled with a little extra comfort and style!  

This world is in need of more intention in what we do and what we surround ourselves with.  Everything is so on demand and fast paced with very little added thought.  What is it that we need?  Is someone suffering and in need of me?  How do we remind those we love that we are present?  At what point do we slow down, and think about how something so little can actually be something so great!

This whole-hearted work of mine.  This small skill I've acquired.  This joy that I've naturally done for years. This mission given to me I have accepted with an open heart and no expectation only an attempt to live these words - "Jesus, I trust in YOU."

Therefore, my friends, St. Faustina is the official Patron Saint of Blessing of Blankets!  May every stitch I make convert souls to the Heart of Jesus.  May her intercession be ever present in every blanket, post, or interaction.  St. Faustina please pray for every past, present and future customer of B*B.  Please pray that the "Lord: accept these mere nothings stamped with the seal of obedience as great things."

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  • Mere nothing’s stamped with the seal of obedience, wow, I needed to hear this! Such grace and beauty in the mere nothing’s!


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