• Crochet Stitch - What is that...Tell me More

    Crocheter and Knitters around the world know exactly what I am talking about.  However, even when my family sees me ‘crochet’ they call it my knitt...
  • B*B's Mission!

    I love everything that a blanket has to offer!  A blanket offers warmth, comfort, and support; it fits every situation. B*B is the great explanati...
  • JOY

    "An abiding awareness of Christ within you."
  • B*B's Patron Saint

    "O Most Holy Trinity dwelling in my heart, I beg You: grant the grace of conversion to as many souls as the (number of) stitches that I will make today with this crochet hook."
  • Meet Me!

    Meet me!! Some fun facts about me, the creator of B*B and the person making your blankets! I cannot wait to get to know you too!