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Crocheter and Knitters around the world know exactly what I am talking about.  However, even when my family sees me ‘crochet’ they call it my knitting.  In their defense, I am constantly doing both and I did learn to knit first when I was 12 years old.  Crocheting came later in my life when my college roommate taught me.  Thrilling Saturday nights in the dorm room watching Gilmore Girls and making random scarves and blankets.  Paaarrrttaayyy! Can you tell I am an introvert...

So how do I make this easier for you to understand when ordering a blanket from me.  On my website, my blankets are categorized by type of stitches.  There are many pros and some cons to each stitch.  Unless you talk to me before your purchase, choosing a stitch can be overwhelming.  I hope to make this as clear as possible to aid you in your perfect blanket purchase.

**As always, I want to make it clear, you can ask me any questions you'd like before a purchase.  You can reach me on any of my social media pages, or email me at

So let’s start here!  I have a three part series to refer to when you are deciding on the type of stitch for any chunky blanket purchase.  

Part 1 - Chunky Yarn Crochet Stitch!

Why start with this one?  I decided to start with the crochet stitch because I feel it is the most obviously different from the three options.  While I know several types of crochet stitches, I decided to keep it standard and not change it up for the basic colors.  If you want something different, we can discuss more of a custom order option.

Crochet stitch looks like multiple knots strung along in a line. Much like the picture provided with this post. To make this stitch I use a giant hook.  I also can provide an option of  a slightly smaller large hook to make the knots tighter as I make the blanket.  I have had people concerned that the blanket will not be warm enough for the receiver, and this is when I give this option.  

This is my warmest stitch! So if you live in a cold area and are concerned if the blanket will be warm enough, this is the one for you!  Oftentimes, I have customers concerned that a blanket will not be warm because it has ‘holes’ in it.  However this stitch creates a heavier blanket and is very warm!  If you are still concerned with the size of the knots, then request for me to make the blanket with the smaller hook!  Trust me, it will be very cozy!

Are you looking for a pattern, or a style?  This is one of my stitches that I can create basic multiple colored, or patterned blankets.  Unique patterns are limited with the size of this yarn, but is still feasible to make multiple colors into one blanket.  


  • Tight Stitch
  • Thick Stitch
  • Warmest stitch
  • Designs/patterns are easy to create, 
  • Can create unique patterns if you like that style/look
  • Slight weight of Blanket


-Most expensive Blanket

-Doesn’t stretch as well as other styles

-Weight of blanket

Since this blanket has more of a ‘knot’ style, it causes more yarn to be used when the blanket is created. More yarn means that the price has to go up to cover the cost of the yarn for the blanket and the time it takes to create.  If the yarn is a specialty color, then that means that the price goes up even more.  The other down side to this stitch is that it does not stretch as easily as my other two stitches.  Meaning if you order a double person blanket, it won’t stretch to fit any larger than it already appears.  

Notice that I put ‘weight’  in both the pros and cons category?  The reason for that is it is a user preference.  Me, I LOVE a bit of weight to a blanket.  A little weight helps reduce anxiety, and to me feels like being held in an embracing hug which is a great amount of comfort to me.  However, there are some people that would prefer a lighter blanket, and having it less thick.  I would say typically men fall under this category. 

What I like about making this stitch:

  • I love to create with this stitch!  Using the large hook is one heck of a workout.  But once I am in the groove the motion is like a dance and is fun and relaxing while I create your personal blanket.  I personally love crochet stitching because I think that the knot type is extremely elegant. 
  • I get a lot of comments on the hooks that I use to create this stitch.  I hope to fill you in more on those hooks in the future!


That's all for now!  Please feel free to ask me questions or speak to me about this whenever!  The picture provided is an example of a beautiful custom made crochet blanket!  

St. Faustina, pray for us.

God bless each and every one of you! 

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