Meet Me!

Hi Friends! I thought I should formally introduce myself! 

My name is Kaaryn (you pronounce it CAR-in ), I like to explain it as you put your car - IN a garage.  Strange I know but I say it to create a laugh and to lighten the awkwardness that the explanation of my name can create.  Truth is, I love my name.  It's unique, just like me.  Plus, its spelling looks good in cursive!  At least that's what my parents always told me...

Here are some fun facts about me!!

~ I'm a single mom to an incredible little boy; K-Man!

~ I'm the middle child - sandwiched between the best sister's a girl could ask for - as well as their amazing husbands who are incredible brother's to me!

~ My favorite food is rice!  I think its perfect to add to any meal! Or just to have...because...why not!

~ I LOVE hats and any outfit that goes with a hat as well as any opportunity to wear one!

~ I am an INFJ - Introvert, Intuitive, Feeling and Judging (Meyers-Briggs).  

~ Journaling is my favorite way to pray.  I've been journaling for years, documenting my struggles and the many blessings that life has to offer!  All of which I hope to share with you on here!  I find it so beautiful to be able to go back and see how the Lord has guided and blessed my life.  

~ I love to dance and I love being goofy! If there is a beat or music playing I can't sit still.  I am not an incredible dancer, I just enjoy it.  In college, I took a ballroom dancing class that created a love for Traditional Ballroom, Salsa, East Coast Swing Dancing, etc.  I love Country Swing Dancing the most!

~ Roses are my FAVORITE flower.  If I have to pick a color I would choose red roses, but ultimately I feel any rose is gorgeous.  I love how elegant a rose looks, and how such beauty is guarded with its sharp thorns.  A rose is durable, while also being fragile.  If not handled gently, a scar on its petal appears but the petal doesn't fall off / break off.  With loving sunlight it can open, spreading and showing more beauty.  I believe in St. Therese of Lisieux's philosophy that we are all flower's in God's garden.  When I pray about this, I see myself in all kinds of metaphors for a rose. (Might write a blog post about this someday!)

~ I used to be an Audiology Technician and before that a Newborn Hearing Screen coordinator.  I LOVE working with pediatrics and that was my emphasis with my work, newborns specifically.  I am a swaddle master and can put any baby to sleep!  I find ears and hearing fascinating and can guarantee that I will bring it up in at least one conversation with me.  My favorite bone is in the ear - its call the Stapes and its the smallest bone in the body and works the hardest...tiny but mighty, just like me!

~ I also am proficient in American Sign Language and love opportunities to use it. 

~ I've been knitting and crocheting for YEARS!  I first learned to knit when I was an early teenager.  Mostly making scarves, to be completely honest.  However, I've made hats and socks before.  In college, I learned to crochet from my roommate.  I spent most of my time in college using knitting and crocheting to focus in class, to study, or relax.  I learned that if I was relaxed, I could process the information I was learning more easily.  Not to mention it kept me alert during morning lectures.  So I have my constant working hands to thank for graduating college a year early!

~ This habit that I began to relax or keep my mind sharp lead into a new outlet, I used to pray while making any project.  It helped me remain engage while praying and being intentional and alert in who or what I was praying for.

~ Which leads me into my favorite question - What is my favorite thing to make!?  Its easy, I built an entire business making it!  BLANKETS! I just love how a blanket is the perfect gift for any situation! I love home decor and accent pieces, they can bring life to a room while also being functional.  If I am going to give a gift for myself or someone else, I like when it is useful and beneficial for their life.  Homemade blankets are just awesome in my opinion!

Wanna know more?? Feel free to ask! I want to know more about you too.  I cannot wait to get to know you more with this website!

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  • I love your ‘crochet sounds like an old lady’ video. I saw a comedian on youtube named Kristin Key. Is she a relative? You have similar voices.


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